We create   amazing media   experiences

We are your WOW FACTOR gurus.   WOW’ing audiences is our mission and our passion.   We harness the power of advanced and emerging presentation technologies and custom content to help you transcend, astonish and amaze.  We create immersive media that helps you transform a passive audience experience into a sensory adventure. 

Our Work

We are especially proud of our long-standing and ongoing collaborative relationships with world-class: Architects, Agencies, Exhibit / Event Companies, Engineers, Designers, Thought Leaders. We thank the hundreds of forward thinking clients colleagues and collaborators, we have worked with over the years, who have embraced the power of the WOW factor and made the following projects possible.


Technology for technology’s sake is no more than a gimmick.

We are all about technology with a greater purpose. We use new and emerging experiential technologies to supercharge communications and more effectively tell your story.

For over 20 years we’ve been known internationally for identifying, pioneering and implementing amazing technologies.

Here are a few samples of technologies we regularly leverage and work with. Think of them as “Solutions Looking for the Right Problems.” Often we combine technologies to create what many of our clients refer to as “Storytelling Machines on Steroids.”

Who We Are

WOW Inc. is a creative digital team dedicated to helping our clients leverage the power of advanced and emerging technologies to engage and dazzle the viewer. Today’s audiences are overwhelmed and assaulted by content 24/7. If you want their attention you need to cut through the clutter and transcend expectations, astonish, and amaze.

We provide the WOW factor that makes that possible.

We supercharge communication with advanced presentation technologies that open channels of perception, and ensure that your message is not just received but remembered. Most important of all, in telling your story we convert the universal human thirst for novel stimuli into understanding, belief, and action.

We are what we do.

Charles SlatkinChief Wowmaker

Charles Slatkin, President and Creative Director of WOW INC, is an internationally recognized “wow factor” guru and media pioneer.

Known for his talent in identifying and leveraging new and emerging media technologies, he produces custom content that supercharges the user-experience, mesmerizing audiences worldwide in just about every conceivable venue.

With a background in science, film, video, photography, multimedia and holography, he brings a cross-disciplinary set of skills to help clients “WOW” their audience.

He holds degrees in Electronic Communications from Clark University, and a Masters of Fine Art in Photography, Film and Video from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He was a Professor of Communications at Clark University. His photographic work has been exhibited in galleries around the world and he has received grants from the Ford Foundation, Polaroid and the NEA.

In recent years he’s worked as a creative director and producer for the worlds highest resolution screen at Comcast headquarters in Philadelphia, PA, The China Pavilion at Shanghai Worlds Fair and The GW Bush Presidential Library in Dallas Texas.

He’s pioneered the implementation of Stereoscopic 3-D HDTV, Binaural Audio (dimensional 360°sound), WowScreens (unique free-floating optical polymer projection screens), Holographic Kiosks and Laser Audio that transmits a narrow cone of sound focused on an individual listener.

He’s currently leveraging his early experience working in Holography to pioneer the implementation and commercialization of advanced display solutions including 4K stereoscopic, auto-stereoscopic (stereoscopic without glasses) and HoloView Holographic kiosks.

Over his career has produced over a thousand linear, interactive and web-based programs for clients such as: Comcast, Macys, The New York Stock Exchange, Amgen, American Museum of Natural History, Animal Planet, NOVA, A&E, Comcast, National Geographic, The Henry Ford Museum, Mystic Seaport, The Biltmore Estate, Bristol Meyers Squibb, IBM, Nortel Networks, Panasonic, Discovery Channel, PBS, Bose, and The GW Bush Presidential Library.